Proposed Bike Skills Course

When the old city dump was capped and put out of commission about 10 years ago we were unsure what we could do with that land. The rules regarding closing and capping the dump prohibit the city from replanting it as a forest. Tree roots could penetrate or uproot the cap exposing what is below.

An option we are exploring is turning this brownfield into a bicycle recreation park. This park or skills course would have different features to enhance the abilities of young riders. A gravel path could help riders learn how to ride on uneven surfaces once they have mastered riding on smooth paths like the Thompson Trail. Another element could be a pump track or other skill building features.

In addition to learning skills, the park can help us teach local youths about conservation and stewardship. There will be opportunities to build rain gardens to treat storm water run-off from the skills course. City Engineering staff are advising us on the best way to do this. We may also have a chance to remove invasive plants off of the dump cap and replace them with native species. A wetlands delineation was done to establish wetland buffers and define the boundaries of the potential park.

The Parks and Recreation Department wants to hear from you about this idea. The project could be a success for recreation, conservation, and stewardship.

Written by Jonn Lunsford