We've Updated our Community Hike Categories!

For those of you familiar with our community hikes, you’re probably used to seeing each outing listed under categories like Senior and Adult, All Ages, Extra Gentle, and Fitness Hikes. Our hikes aren’t changing, but we’ve decided to reclassify and rename the categories. We are doing so with the goal of making our hikes accessible to more people.

Instead of limiting hikes to certain age groups or user groups, we’re just categorizing the hikes, based on a variety of metrics, into levels of difficulty. We’ll leave it up to you to determine which hikes are geared towards the experience you’re looking for! As always, please contact us with any questions about particular hikes or if you’d like help determining which hikes would be ideal for you and your family.

Our new categories are as follows:

Easy (Green Circle): These hikes are gentle and suitable for all hikers. Generally 1-2 miles roundtrip with minimal elevation gain and very few obstacles along the trail.

Intermediate (Blue Square): These hikes are suitable for those in fair hiking condition or novices who want a bit of a challenge. Generally 2-4 miles roundtrip with moderate elevation gain. May include some steep sections and some obstacles along the trail that require balance or maneuvering.

Challenging (Black Diamond): These hikes are challenging for unconditioned hikers. Generally 4-7 miles roundtrip with moderate to significant elevation gain. Steady and often steep inclines. May include difficult terrain or obstacles throughout.

Advanced (Double Black Diamond): These strenuous hikes are suitable for well conditioned hikers only. Generally 7+ miles roundtrip with significant to extreme elevation gain. Likely to include a fast pace, steep inclines, trail obstacles, or all of the above.

Click here to see our Community Hike Levels Key.