The Friends of the Anacortes Community Forest Lands are actively involved in protecting the ACFL ecosystems. We do this by participating in the City’s decision making process, in association with the Parks & Recreation Department, Planning Commission, and City Council.

The Anacortes Parks & Recreation Department is the branch of city government that is directly responsible for managing the ACFL, under the guidelines of the Forest Management Plan. The Forest Advisory Board, five citizens appointed by the mayor, recommends use and maintenance policies in accordance with that plan and advises the Parks & Recreation Department on their implementation.

Our role in this process is to speak out as advocates for the ACFL ecosystems. We provide a voice for the interests of the land, plants, and animals in discussions about recreational uses and management practices. Our advocacy is often in the form of public testimony but it also involves the gathering and sharing of scientific information, monitoring the effects of recreation and conservation activities, and developing and promoting positive programs such as the Conservation Easement Program. We strive always to cooperate with the City and to resolve controversies without confrontation. We are committed to preserving and protecting the ACFL.