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Little Cranberry Shoreline Loop Hike

This hike is about 1.7 miles roundtrip with approximately 50 feet of elevation gain.

Celebrate our tilt towards the sun and what the spring season means for our forests with a hike along Little Cranberry’s shoreline. Meet at the Cranberry Lake parking lot north of the lake. (Take Georgia south off of Oakes Ave., then three blocks up, take a right on Little Cranberry Road and follow the gravel road to the parking lot.)

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Canceled- Heart Lake Hike for Seniors and Adults

Due to icy road and trail conditions, we have decided to cancel this hike. We apologize for any inconvenience, but want to make sure everyone stays safe!

Distance: 1.5 miles roundtrip

Our Heart Lake hike is the perfect valentine to give to yourself, or to share with a friend. Together, we will look for the many signs of spring.  We will amble along the east side of Heart Lake and continue north on a nice stroll through the Heart Lake forest area.

Meet at the Heart Lake parking lot.

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Big Beaver Pond Loop for adults

This gentle, just over one mile hike will lead us past three distinct wetlands and through two watersheds. You will come to know the qualities of a marsh, swamp, bog, and fen. We will explore the role of our resident beaver families in creating and sustaining this rich habitat within the ACFL. Enjoy this excellent birding opportunity.

Meet at the end of 32nd St West off of D Ave. 

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Northwest Heart Lake Hike for adults

We will explore a maze of trails in the Ace of Hearts Creek terrain. There will be some gentle hills on this just over 1 mile hike. 

Meet at the Heart lake Parking Lot

Directions to Heart Lake parking lot
From Commercial Avenue in Anacortes - Head west on 32nd St.  Turn left on H Ave.  H Ave eventually turns into Heart Lake Rd.  Continue south on Heart Lake Rd approximately 1 mile.  The Heart Lake parking lot will be on your right.  Park near the trailhead kiosk.

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Northwest Whistle Lake Hike for adults

This route is a regular favorite, providing spectacular views and deep woods feel with just the right amount of physical challenge. (Just over 2 miles)

Meet at the Whistle Lake parking lot.

Driving Directions to Whistle Lake
Coming into Anacortes from Highway 20 - Head west on WA Route 20 and continue on Route 20 Spur W. Turn left onto Commercial Avenue at a traffic circle, go past The Store Grocery until Commercial comes to a T, turn left at Fidalgo Ave.  Follow Fidalgo Ave. and take a left in front of St. Mary’s church, curve right on Hillcrest Dr. follow Hillcrest by Grandview Cemetery, turn right onto Whistle Lake Rd, go past Dow lane, road curves left and goes down a hill, then curves right and becomes gravel, go right at next turn and follow road to parking lot. You will see signs to Whistle Lake.    

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Beaver Ponds Hike for adults

The Little Cranberry Lake area is filled with a network of beaver ponds created and maintained by local beaver families. We will explore trails that reveal their lodges, dams, mounds, and other daytime clues to their nighttime secret ways. (1.4 miles)

Meet at the ACFL kiosk on A Ave. and 37th.

Directions to Old City Dump  (Little Cranberry corridor)
From Commercial Avenue in Anacortes -  Head west on 32nd St.  Take a left on D Ave, which turns into A avenue and later Havekost road.  The old city dump parking area and kiosk will be on your right at 37th and A Ave.

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Heart Lake Old Growth Hike for adults

It’s time for a visit with our elders on the south shore of Heart Lake. Orange trumpet honeysuckle and Ocean spray will be blooming as we slow to the ancient rhythm of our old growth forest.  (1.7 miles)

Meet at the base of Mount Erie on Ray Auld Drive.

Directions to the base of Mount Erie
From Commercial Ave in Anacortes -  Head west on 32nd St.  Turn left on H Ave.  H Ave eventually turns into Heart Lake Rd.  Continue south on Heart Lake Rd approximately 1.6 miles.  Ray Auld Drive will be on your left.  Park anywhere along Ray Auld Drive near the trailhead kiosk.

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